It's important to lay a strong foundation for spiritual success. Life Steps, Connect to Serve, and Talking with God are Bay Life's "core classes".

These classes are offered on a rotating basis. Check back regularly to find the next start date for the class you are interested in.

Our next classes are September 10 - October 29, 2017 and we will be offering Connect to Serve. 

Life Steps 1, 2 & 3

Life Steps 1: Life Steps 1 helps you learn to establish a daily time in God’s Word, as you walk through the Gospel of John. You will learn several methods for studying the Bible, and you will dig into understanding the character of Christ from one of the most beloved disciples. This class is a great place to step in if you are just beginning to engage in the Christian life.

Life Steps 2: Digging in deeper to the Scriptures and understanding our core beliefs, here at Bay Life, will help you build confidence in sharing and defending your faith. This core discipleship class addresses the individual components of the Bay Life Church belief statements and helps explain more advanced concepts of our faith.

Life Steps 3: Life Steps 3 walks you through the Seven Truths we all need to know as we follow Christ: what is required for salvation, your identity in Christ, you can have victory over sin, you are forgiven, your prayers will be answered, guidance is given by the Holy Spirit, and you have choices along your spiritual journey. Join us as we shore up these faith basics.

Please check back for our next offering.


Find out how God uniquely wired you as you take personality, spiritual gifts, and abilities assessments, along with Scripture study. You’ll learn how you can serve with true eternal purpose.



Talking with God Basics: As a believer, you can talk with your Heavenly Father and are free to be honest with Him! Join us as we walk through the key principles of prayer. This is a great class for young believers, and those seasoned in the faith, as well.

Talking with God 2: All believers should have a continually growing prayer life. Talking with God 2 will help you learn more about the power of prayer, and the value of spending time with God in silence and solitude. This class is great for those who have been walking with the Lord for a while.

Please check back for our next offering.

Or, you can email our Spiritual Journey Pastor Cindy Perkins with any questions you may have.