Care Community Teams

There have been 400,000 or more children who need homes across the country. Foster families have chosen to welcome these children into their homes to care for them. Each of these children have gone through difficult situations which can make fostering a challenging journey, a journey foster parents often times give up on. Only 50% of foster families will continue fostering after their first year. However when a foster family is supported by a group of people more then 90% will continue beyond their first year.  

We have placed a group of people around our families here at Bay Life that foster to support and serve the foster family and foster children. We call these groups Care Community Teams. These teams provide help such as meals, prayer, tutoring, child care, and house work. Our hope is that these teams will help Bay Life's foster families thrive in fostering for as long as possible.

Volunteer Roles

Family Helper: Provide a meal once per month, delivered on the same day of the week and same week of the each month. Additionally, these volunteers can run errands, assist with homework, do yard work, and help with other practical tasks to support the family.

Child Mentor: Provides childcare or transportation 1-3 times per month as needed. This is a unique opportunity to pour love and encouragement into these vulnerable children. (background checks required)

Team Leader: Provides leadership for the Care Community. This volunteer contacts the foster family weekly and sends out a weekly email updating the team on prayer requests.

Interim Caregiver: Serve as overnight caregivers in their home or in the foster home from as little as one night to up to two weeks, in accordance with RPPS guidelines and the approval policy of the foster agency. 

We have established these teams in partnership with Florida 1.27, an affiliate of Live the Promise.

If you have any questions or would like to be involved in one of our care community teams, please e-mail .