Weekends (and weekdays) at Bay Life don't just happen. We rely on a huge community of volunteers who love Jesus and love to serve His church! Whether you’re a member or regular attender, if you consider Bay Life your home church, we have amazing opportunities for you to plug-in and find your place! By doing so, you become an essential part of helping others meet Jesus.

You have a unique contribution to make and we want to get you into your perfect place of ministry. And when you use your spiritual gift to serve, you enter into an even deeper relationship with God!



Connections and Welcome Team Training

What made Disney and Apple so famous? Why are they household names in America and around the world? Why are they imitated in their fields like no one else?

No, it's not because they are the biggest and the best at what they do (though they are!). It's not the billions of dollars in revenue they take in every year (though they do!).

The answer: CUSTOMER SERVICE! These great companies are the best because over the years they have made a priority of CUSTOMER SERVICE. These two giants in entertainment and information technology listen and care for their clientele like no one else in the business.

Can we learn from these secular giants some secrets that will transfer to our world of ministering to those who come through our doors each week at Bay Life? Yes, we CAN - and we SHOULD! Doing the best we can to care for those whom God leads our way in the name of Christ should always be our priority.

To that end, please mark your calendar for our next big Connections/Welcome Teams Training, Sunday, July 22, at 12:45pm in the Loft.

Lunch will be served, and then our special guest trainer, Keith Vickery, will share with us some principles and practices of "Customer Service in the Name of Christ." During his presentation, Keith will give each team ample opportunity to briefly discuss how these principles apply to your special role on our Connections/Welcome Teams.

Whether you are new to our Connections Team, Welcome Team or have been serving for a long time, PLEASE make this training a priority on your calendar. This two-hour meeting will be well worth your time and energy. You may RSVP by registering below. Please register each person individually.

Childcare is also available and you may include that with your registration.


Current Areas Where We Really Need Help

Children’s Ministry 
Wednesday Night AWANA, Saturday Night Preschool & Nursery, Sunday Morning Elementary & Nursery

Family Promise, Cold Weather Shelter

Church-Wide Events Team
Foundations Seminars, Special Events

Care Ministry
Hospital Visitation, Prayer Team (Sat), Funeral Team

Connections & Spiritual Journey Ministry
Connections Team, Membership Table Hosts, Disciplers 

Worship Arts
Choir, Vocalists, Band, and Tech


We have lots of ways you can get plugged in and serve at Bay Life! Fill out the form below and our ministry team will get in touch with you on the next steps to plugging into the Bay Life family! 


Or maybe you just don’t know where you’d fit best? No problem! Sign up for our next Connect To Serve class. We’ll help you figure it all out!