Women's Bible Study

What is happening in your life right now? Is everything calm or do you feel like you are hanging on to your last piece of rope? Many of us wonder how much rope we have left. We also wonder where God is working in the various situations of our life.  This season, we will look at women in life and death situations. As we watch these women navigate these circumstances, we will see how God works in their lives. This will build our faith to trust He is working in our circumstances. 

We will kick off the study with a Women @Bay Life Worship night on Wednesday, September 1 at 7 pm in the Worship Center. This groups meets every Wednesday morning and evening beginning September 8. Join the Women’s Bible Study as we study the books of Ruth and Esther and learn that God is with us Through It All


For more information about Women’s Bible Study, contact the Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Carmelita Boyce at  

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