Women @Bay Life

Art Collectives 

In the Art Collective, we take time to express the creativity God has given us in different ways. Each time we meet, a woman from our Bay Life Family will share their passion and gift with us. Women will receive knowledge of how to do the project and will have the opportunity to work on the project during the meeting time.

We invite all women to join us for this fun and relaxing time. Each event is led by a different artist with a unique and artistic project opportunity. Sign up for one, or multiple events!

Many of these events are free. If there is a cost, that information will be specified with the individual registration. Watch your email for any updated information.

Creative Opportunities

Gratitude Jar - November 14, 2020

What do you think of when you think about November? Most think of Thanksgiving. Join other women on November 14 to make a gratitude jar in honor of Thanksgiving. Use the gratitude jar on Thanksgiving day to collect notes of gratitude from each guest. Then use it through the year to remember moments of gratitude that you or your family experience.

There is a small fee for the mason jar, or you may bring your own jar.

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