The Gospel Project for Kids

Curriculum: What We Teach

Bay Life uses a multi-year training program to teach the entire bible to our kids. Every week, the children study a specific portion of Scripture, that allows them to see the Christ connection. Utilizing the Gospel Project curriculum, our students are learning that the Bible is not merely a book with good stories, but rather one complete story that points directly to Jesus! Each week, we will provide resources for you to take this teaching even further through email and Facebook. Join our Bay Life Kids Facebook Group and learn more about how to continue the lesson in-between the weekend services.


Bay Life Kids (K4th Grade)

When you think about everything you need to teach your child in the early years, it can get a little overwhelming, can’t it?

We understand—that’s why we’ve narrowed down the focus to the most important truth you can teach your child: how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ—and we want to partner with you in this!

If you allow us the blessing and great responsibility of participating in your child’s spiritual development, it’s our pledge that no matter what we’re teaching, we will always circle back to the message of the cross. Parents, we’re on your team!

Elementary Ministry is available in the Student Center during all weekend services.

If you are the parent of a kindergarten thru 5th grader with special needs, please attend our 10:45am service.

5th Grade

Wow, your child will be in middle school soon...but there’s no need to fear! This year at Bay Life, we’re going to help your child bridge the gap between elementary and middle school by giving him/her the tools every middle school student needs to thrive: a solid spiritual foundation and a personal identity in Christ.

In our 5th Grade Ministry, it’s about more than hearing and learning—we’re going to motivate your child to action!

Please note: Our 5th-grade ministry is available in the Student Center (Building B) on Sunday mornings, during the 9am service only.

AWANA at Bay Life Church

For children in Kindergarten through 5th grades, AWANA provides engaging teaching, great games and activities, and a chance for our next generation to grow in knowledge of the Bible and their faith in Jesus. 

Each Wednesday throughout the school year, AWANA meets in our Student Center, from 6:30 - 8:15pm. (Note: We follow the public school calendar for Hillsborough County.)

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