Our Missions Ministry's template is Acts 1:8 — “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

We believe God will not only use Bay Life as an instrument of change, but also change us in the process as we reach out to our community, our country, and around the world. 

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The effects of Hurricane Florence are still being felt in the Carolinas, and Hurricane Dorian has only added to the damage. The reality for many families left in the wake of a hurricane is that the rebuilding never takes place. This team will be able to offer help and hope to families affected by Hurricanes Dorian and Florence through home repair projects. At the same time, this team will partner with local ministries to bring the hope of the gospel to this place through relational outreach opportunities.

*denotes trip leader

Nikki Weil*
James Weil*
Grace Krantz*
Amelia Arnold
Nate Carpenter
Eli Enriquez
Garrett Eshleman
Luke Hudson
Zane Hydock
Hunter Kosky

Brianna Lattimore
Luke Machristie
Tom Marrs
Cohen Martin
Tyler Norris
Kailey Schronce
Savannah Schwarz
Brooke Ura
Rebekah Varghese


The students will work in the local community in conjunction with the local church. They will see some of the issues in a more cross-cultural, financially-stretched community. While they are there, they will help improve a house/school or community area with their construction skills, as they share Jesus with the people around them.

*denotes trip leader

Courtney Clark*
Brian Pete*
Cathy Del Castillo*
Ronnie Sweeten*
Mackenzie Allison
Kylie Del Castillo
Hayley Jones
Samuel Leu
Messiah Moronta

Alaina Norris
Maclean Pearson
Grace Richardson
Kavan Roy
Paige Swanson
Jaella Sweeten
Wesley Taylor
Joshua Weaver


The Florida Baptist Children’s Home is our mission partner in Lakeland. Service projects can range from landscaping to sorting donated food items that will later be distributed to those in the community. We also help with the day camp that is on campus for the foster children. Another important aspect of this trip is the students spiritual growth. Students will learn how to have a quiet time on their own and then come together to discuss what God is teaching them as a team. 

*denotes trip leader

Kelly Azzarelli*
Jeff Boudreau*
Leeann Mesick*
Shawn Yebba*
Cyndi Smith Young*
Megan Azzarelli
Jenevieve Cheeley
Silas Drury

Parker Eccleston
Isaiah Hench
Amelia Kellam
Leyna Martinez
Mason Roy
Braden Schwarz
Gavin Young
Addison Weathers


Urban Nations Outreach in New York focuses on meeting the spiritual, physical, and social needs of the Muslims in their target neighborhoods. Our team will engage in hands-on, relational, interaction with New York’s newest Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist refugees while serving at UNO’s South Asian and West African Ministry Centers. Our team will help with their church planting efforts by assisting with immigrant children’s programs, helping teach ESL and conversation classes, accompanying their staff in street evangelism, doing light construction projects, and other opportunities.

*denotes trip leader

Jennifer Groff*
Julian Lugo*
Myriam Lugo*
Jody Sauer*
Nikole Segale*
Stephanie Sperling*
Titus Pea*
Hannah Brown
Emma Crakow
Carmen Fernandez
Emily Hobbs
Trey Hydock

Maya Idiculla
Emma Langston
Isabela Lugo
Sophia Luna
Carter Prince
Alex Richardson
Jack Richardson
Samantha Segale
Veronica Segale
Faith Self 
Michaela Sperling


In Utah, theology is on most people’s minds because the majority of them are Mormons. In Utah, students will have many chances to dialogue with people of the Mormon faith- at the Salt Lake City Temple, BYU, or while serving in the community. Utah will deepen their knowledge of God and His Word like nothing else. That knowledge will deepen their relationship with Christ and give them a love for people who need Christ.

*denotes trip leader

Teaya Brown-Staker*
Zenaida Crakow*
Shane Drury*
Rickey Halbert*
Ryan Harrington*
Brian Pete*
Dan Segale*
Erica Watson*
Jonah Carpenter
Dylan Cheeley
Chase Delgado
Camden Eichem
Rylan Eichem
Emily Eldridge

AJ Elliott
Taryn Harmon
Ricky Harrington
Joel Johnson
Abbie Krantz
Dylan Lane
Tyler Lattimore
Sam Marrs
Mishka Moronta
Jonah Stough
Andrew Ura
Caleb Weaver
AJ Woods
Ayla Yebba