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The Work of The People

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“You are what you eat” is a phrase that is relatively common in our day and age. Of course, we all have a sense of what it means: what you choose to consume is ultimately going to determine what sort of body you have. If it’s a steady diet of cheeseburgers, then you should expect cholesterol that corresponds with that. 

What few of us recognize is that this does not just pertain to what we eat, it pertains to all of our lives. Everything we do is formational, there is not a single experience that fails to shape or mold us in some way. Christians have recognized this for centuries and understood that in, large part, our gathering for worship is not meant to be about who we are, but instead who we should be. We worship, pray, listen, and repent; not because we always feel like it, but because we ought to be more committed to these things. The structure of the church gathered together is meant to form us into the image of Christ. Because we take this seriously as the College + Career ministry, we offer our service outline here a few days in advance. This will give you time to think and pray over how the Lord will use our time together to form and shape you.

Perhaps the word, “Liturgy” has you concerned…

But the word itself simply means, “The work of the people.” At the core of this is  the outline of what we’re doing as God’s people when we come together. And wether you know it or not, week in and week out, what we do together is forming you. Like a vine growing along a trellis, the growth is not always noticed from one day to the next. But our prayer is that we will all look back together and rejoice at how far we’ve come.

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