During the ages of 18-25, we transition from high school to college, and then to a career. In the midst of the changes, we often encounter challenges and questions that have never crossed our minds. For example, how does faith relate to the ideas we face on our campuses? Or, what does it mean to follow Christ in a job that does not seem to have much to do with Him?

College + Career (C+C) is a ministry for people who find themselves in this season of life. We seriously engage those challenges and questions because we know the gospel of Christ impacts our day-to-day school and work. We’re convinced that Christian community provides the best way to navigate all of life's issues.

Check below to find out more about where and when we meet. If you would like to have someone reach out to you with more details about C+C, click here


A place to get encouragement as we follow Christ, answer common Adulting 101 questions, and create opportunities to meet up with others, make friends, and hang out. College + Career is the college and young adult ministry of Bay Life church that meets on Thursdays at 7 pm and throughout the week at various homes.

Join the Group Today


We invite you to join us under the Lid (the covered open-air area space in the middle of the campus with artificial turf) this Thursday from 7-9 pm @ Bay Life Church (1017 Kingsway Rd. Brandon, FL 33510). There's always a free coffee bar, great worship, study, and some hang out time! 

If you're new here, don't worry; we've got you covered. A couple of things to expect are free coffee, turf games, a chance to connect with other young adults, great worship (sometimes acoustic sets around the firepits), and small group time to study a chapter in the Bible together.

Below, you'll find the Airstream Cafe menu! Free specialty coffee beverages and drinks for all College + Career group attendees from 7pm-8pm every Thursday (while supplies last).

Ongoing Study – Harmony of the Gospels

This semester, we will be journeying through a study plan available through the free YouVersion Bible App. The Harmony of the Gospels study plan will help us fully understand all four gospels as we walk through them together based on Christ's life and ministry timeline from birth through ascension. 

Study Description: What did the people who lived with Jesus write about Him? Take a rich and detailed walk through the life of Jesus. This Scripture-only journey will walk you through the entirety of all four gospels—simultaneously. You’ll read the varied perspectives of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in chronological order to highlight their harmonious portrayals of the events surrounding the life of Jesus Christ.

Harmony of the Gospels – YouVersion Bible Study (Click Here)

Download or View Harmony of the Gospels Digital Plan Here

Week 1: C+C
John 1: 1-14
Luke 1
Luke 2:1-38
Matthew 1

Week 1: Life Groups
Luke 2:39-52
Matthew 2
Matthew 3

Week 2: C+C
Mark 1
Luke 3
Matthew 4

Week 2: Life Groups
Luke 4
Luke 5
John 1:15-51

Week 3: C+C
John 2
John 3
John 4
John 5

Week 3: Life Groups
Matthew 12:1-21
Mark 2
Mark 3
Luke 6

Week 4: C+C
Matthew 5
Matthew 6
Matthew 7

Week 4: Life Groups
Matthew 8:1-13
Luke 7
Matthew 11

Week 5: C+C
Matthew 12:22-50
Matthew 13:1-58
Luke 11

Week 5: Life Groups
Luke 8
Matthew 8:14-34
Mark 4

Week 6: C+C
Mark 5
Matthew 9
Matthew 10

Week 6: Life Groups
Matthew 14
Mark 6
Luke 9:1-17

Week 7: C+C
John 6
Matthew 15
Mark 7

Week 7: Life Groups
Matthew 16
Mark 8
Luke 9:18-27

Week 8: C+C
Matthew 17
Mark 9
Luke 9:28-62

Week 8: Life Groups
Matthew 18
John 7
John 8

Week 9: C+C
John 9:1-41
John 10:1-21
Luke 10

Week 9: Life Groups
John 10:22-42
Luke 12
Luke 13

Week 10: C+C
Luke 14
Luke 15
Luke 16

Week 10: Life Groups
John 11
Luke 17
Luke 18:1-14

Week 11-15 will be uploaded soon


We have two life groups that meet throughout the week.  These are smaller communities that become like family as they walk through life together.  If you would like more info or to get connected to one of these groups, click on the leaders' names below.

Jody & Larry Sauer - Tuesday nights at 7 pm @ the Sauer’s house

Stephen & Wendy Stough - Monday nights at 7 pm @ the Stough’s house