All children of all abilities matter to God!

We believe that spiritual growth happens best in an environment that meets the diverse needs of each child in a safe and engaging setting! 

K5 – 5th Grade | Sunday Morning 9am 
6th – 8th Grade | Sunday Morning 10:45am
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Our Exceptional Children, grades kindergarten through 8th grade, are welcomed into a classroom designed to meet their unique learning abilities. The lessons they learn are the same lessons all Bay Life Kids learn weekly, simply tailored to teach them and reach them with God’s truths using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods. 

While kids of all abilities are welcome at Bay Life, if you would like your child to participate in either elementary or middle school ESE on Sunday mornings, please contact Tara Bertic at 813-661-3696 x321 prior to arriving on campus. Talking with you first will enable us to learn better how to serve your children and how to best meet their needs. The safety and well-being of all of our children is a priority at Bay Life.

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I Received a set of the Easter Story Stones...Now What!

If you received a set of Story Stones at our services on Palm Sunday, we wanted to give you a few tips on how you use them and how to walk through the Easter story from Palm Sunday to His Resurrection. Use the story stones to read the Bible passage together. You can take turns if you have older kids. You also can choose to do the whole map at once or one stone a day. Here are a few question ideas to start the conversation:

 -What happened in this passage?

-Did anything surprise you in this part of the story?

-How did Jesus react?

-Are there any lessons we can learn from how Jesus responded?

TRY THIS: Have your kids retell the story with the stones to see how much they remember. Let them put it in their own words. This is a great way for them to learn how to share the gospel story of Jesus. 

Our hope and prayer is that this is a sweet intentional time for the whole family to walk through this life changing and life giving story of God’s Love for all people. As always, take pics or videos and share them with us on our facebook page! If you show one of our Children’s Ministry staff your photo on Easter Sunday, we will have a cross for you to add to your Story Stone set.  

The Gospel Project for Kids

Bay Life uses a multi-year training program to teach the entire bible to our kids. Every week, the children study a specific portion of Scripture, that allows them to see the Christ connection. Utilizing the Gospel Project curriculum, our students are learning that the Bible is not merely a book with good stories, but rather one complete story that points directly to Jesus! Each week, we will provide resources for you to take this teaching even further through email and Facebook. Join our Bay Life Kids Facebook Group and learn more about how to continue the lesson in-between the weekend services.

Some exciting new stuff now available through The Gospel Project!

The Gospel Project @ Home

We believe that discipleship is vital in the spiritual growth of the the family. Whether you have been discipling for years or are just getting started, The Gospel Project @ Home is designed to give you a realistic, yet meaningful, starting point of one night a week family worship that is customizable to your family and can be added to as your family grows. Each week, we will post the newest link to the current lesson on our kids facebook group and in the weekly kids email newsletter. Simply click the button below to set up your free account with ministry grid to get started!

Bay Life Kids On Facebook

Find great resources and a helpful community of parents on our Bay Life Kids FB Group! 


** To ensure online safety for our families, you must be an active Bay Life Kids volunteer or your child must attend Bay Life Kids before being granted access to the Group. Answer both questions when joining and we'll get you approved right away!**