In 1993, God called a group of Christ-followers to rise up and plant Bay Life Church.

We're a church built on a foundation of authentic community, relevant worship, and most importantly, God’s grace—and He has blessed our efforts to share the Gospel of Jesus and disciple believers! Hundreds of lives have been transformed, by God’s grace, through Bay Life Church.

Simply put, Bay Life is a church that loves God and loves people. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, Bay Life is here for you!

Our Mission

We live to glorify God by being disciples who make disciples.

Our Values

At Bay Life, we love God and love people. We show this through our four core values, Worship, Belong, Serve, and Multiply. 

We Worship – Disciples are worshippers. God’s purpose is to glorify Himself through all that He has created, including people. To worship God is to show honor and reverence through our devotion to Him. Worship is our way of expressing how much we love God as we give glory to Him for who He is and what He does. We do this through adoration (appreciating Him), celebration (enjoying Him), and consecration (obeying Him). Worship transforms us to be more like Jesus.

We Belong – The context of discipleship is community. God created us to live in community. We need each other, and we must learn how to fellowship regularly with others. This sense of community was modeled in the early church, as seen in Acts 2:42-47. The early believers gathered regularly to study God’s word, pray, fellowship, and eat together. They also encouraged one another and took care of each other’s needs. In short, followers of Jesus are to do life together.

We Serve – The overflow of discipleship is service. God has extended His grace to us through Jesus, and we extend grace to each other in humble service (grace to me, grace through me). In Mark 10:43-45, Jesus reminds us that He came to serve others and not to be served. He was even willing to give His life for us. His ultimate act of love compels us to extend that same love to others in the church and community.

 We Multiply – The result of discipleship is more disciples. In Matthew 28:18-20, we read Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations. This is an intentional process in which we are called to share the story of Jesus, baptize new followers, and teach them to obey His commandments. We intentionally engage in the lives of others as the Holy Spirit leads us. God adds to the body of believers in His power through us.

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