At Bay Life, we believe in family. Regardless of stage of life or individual situation, we are committed to partnering with parents and families to be primary spiritual influencers in their kids lives. This is accomplished through various events and environments that foster greater connection with God and each other. These events and environments also connect individual families to the greater family of God, His church. 

In this area, you will find content and resources we pray will be useful in helping you lead your children in developing a personal relationship with God and a deepening faith.

Parenting Toolbox

We want to keep you up to date on issues that you and your kids might be facing. Below you will find articles, videos, and links for you to stay informed on issues that effect kids of all ages. From online security, your child's digital footprint, social media all the way to Minecraft, we're building something to help you engage with your kids. Click below to go to our Parenting Toolbox. 

Nursery & Preschool Elementary Middle & High School 



Parents! We have provided all the material you will need to lead your child through a significant Rite Of Passage Experience each year from Birth to 12th grade. It can be a get away weekend, a weekly study/conversation with your student, or an all day experience.  

Each ROPE will provide some ideas on 'How' and 'What' to do for the Rite of Passage. Click on the current age or grade of your child(ren) for their specific ROPE experience video and guides. 

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Crash Courses

Ahhhhh teenagers! As your kids get older, your conversations will inevitably change. Click the links below to get a "crash course" on engaging your teen on issues that relate directly to them! 


Can't find what you need? Contact Lee (for middle and high school),  (for Bay Life Kids). They will gladly direct you to the specific resource that's right for you.