What is #BLK50

At Bay Life Kids, our heart is to build a strong, lasting foundation of faith in every child's life. We recognize that achieving this is no small feat and cannot be done alone. It requires a collaborative effort, one where we come alongside parents as partners in nurturing their children's spiritual journey. Our commitment extends beyond Sunday lessons; we aim to empower parents, equipping them to be the primary spiritual mentors to their children.

When you visit our student center, you'll notice a display featuring ping pong balls in two colors. The orange and white balls symbolize the over 3,000 hours parents have each year to influence their children outside of school, sleep, and other activities. These hours are ripe with opportunities to shape their character and faith. The green balls represent the 50 hours we, at Bay Life Kids, have with your children annually. This stark contrast underscores the concept of #BLK50, reminding us of the precious, limited time we have to make an impact on Sundays and the vital role parents play in continuous spiritual education at home.

We are here to support and encourage you, as you guide your children in the gospel, helping to weave their faith into the fabric of everyday life. Together, we can foster a nurturing environment where faith flourishes and children grow in their understanding and love for Jesus.

We would love to have you partner with us in training young minds and partnering with families. To start the process of serving in Bay Life Kids... Just click this link!

 The Gospel Project for Kids

Curriculum: What We Teach

Bay Life uses a multi-year training program to teach the entire bible to our kids. Every week, the children study a specific portion of Scripture, that allows them to see the Christ connection. Utilizing the Gospel Project curriculum, our students are learning that the Bible is not merely a book with good stories, but rather one complete story that points directly to Jesus! Each week, we will provide resources for you to take this teaching even further through email and Facebook. Join our Bay Life Kids Facebook Group and learn more about how to continue the lesson in-between the weekend services.

Some exciting new stuff now available through The Gospel Project!
The Gospel Project @ Home

We believe that discipleship is vital in the spiritual growth of the the family. Whether you have been discipling for years or are just getting started, The Gospel Project @ Home is designed to give you a realistic, yet meaningful, starting point of one night a week family worship that is customizable to your family and can be added to as your family grows. Each week, we will post the newest link to the current lesson on our kids facebook group and in the weekly kids email newsletter. Simply click the button below to set up your free account with ministry grid to get started!

Join our Facebook group to receive weekly updates on what your kids are each week in Elementary Ministry!


** To ensure online safety for our families, you must be an active Bay Life Kids volunteer or your child must attend Bay Life Kids before being granted access to the Group. Answer both questions when joining and we'll get you approved right away!**

Kids First Step

Kids First Step class is the next step for our kids who want to understand more about faith and Christianity. If your child is in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade and they’re asking questions about salvation, baptism, or communion, sign up for Kids First Step! Our two-week class explains the basics of our faith in a fun and friendly way that’s easy to understand! The next class will be August 18 and August 25, 2024. A parent must attend with their child. Reserve a spot by August 14!

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Bay Life Kids (K4th Grade)

When you think about everything you need to teach your child in the early years, it can get a little overwhelming, can’t it?

We understand—that’s why we’ve narrowed down the focus to the most important truth you can teach your child: how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ—and we want to partner with you in this!

If you allow us the blessing and great responsibility of participating in your child’s spiritual development, it’s our pledge that no matter what we’re teaching, we will always circle back to the message of the cross. Parents, we’re on your team!

Elementary Ministry is available in the Student Center during all weekend services.

If you are the parent of a kindergarten thru 5th grader with special needs, please attend our 9am service.

5th Grade

5th Grade meets during BOTH SERVICES! That's right, we will have 5th Grade at the 9 and 10:45am service. You will check in your fifth grader in the Student Center Lobby and walk them into Kids Live to the 5th grade area.

If you are planning for your child to attend the 9am service, you will drop them off in Kids Live, but PICK UP in 603 (the portable behind the Student Center). 5th Graders in second service will stay in Kids Live for the entire service. You will drop them off and pick them up in the same spot.

We look forward to serving your 5th grade student and are eager and excited to partner with you this year!