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At Bay Life, we're committed to seeing Christians grounded in faith and rooted in the Bible. It's with that in mind that we've created Foundations, a one-year program focusing on theological discipleship. Over two semesters and four classes, we dive deep into Scripture, theology, the spiritual disciplines, and what it means to live in light of the Gospel. The Foundations program consists of four core classes with electives taught in the summer. Each core class explores a different theme through Scripture's lens, the Apostles' Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments, the classic discipleship tools throughout church history.

Foundations will also host seminars featuring theologians, pastors, and Christian thinkers to help you explore these topics more deeply and think about how to apply what you're learning as you engage your friends, family, and community with the truth of the Gospel.

Foundations: Christian Theology
May 18 - June 29, 2021

This class explores: Christian theology using The Apostles Creed as its guide. With a special emphasis on what C.S. Lewis calls "Mere Christianity," we'll tackle the absolute essentials of the Christian faith: from the Trinity to the second coming of Jesus, this class is designed to give you an overview of the core convictions of Christianity and how these beliefs shape us as we worship, pray, and engage in God's world.

Required Reading: "What Christians Ought To Believe" Michael Bird (You may choose to purchase the book yourself, or we can purchase for you at a cost of $15 )


Foundations: Introduction to Scripture
Spring Class Complete

This class explores:

  • the history of how the Bible came together
  • the Bible's inspiration and authority
  • the overarching story of the Bible
  • how both the Old and New Testaments point us to Christ.

Whether you've read the Bible for years or are just starting to explore Scripture, this class will offer you the tools to better understand God's Word and how the 66 book of Scripture form a grand story.


Foundations Seminar: Engaging a Skeptical Culture with the Gospel
Seminar Complete

Engaging A Skeptical Culture with Joshua Ryan Butler. Earlier in 2021, we were joined by pastor/author Joshua Ryan Butler where we discussed different ways to engage our skeptical culture with the Gospel. Josh serves as the Pastor of Teaching and Direction at Redemption Church in Tempe, Arizona. He is the author of several books aimed at helping people wrestle with the deeper questions of faith, including "The Skeletons In God's Closet" and "The Pursuing God."

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