Share Your Faith with Confidence

Every Sunday, from 10/09/2022 to 11/20/2022, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Bay Life Church, 1017 Kingsway Rd., Brandon, FL US 33510

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Most Christians want to share their faith, but often do not because of fear - fear of being rejected, fear of not knowing enough, fear of offending others, or fear of being ridiculed. This class will teach you proven techniques for having thoughtful discussions about faith and getting people to think about Jesus. Course material is based upon "Tactics: a Guide to Effectively Discussing Your Christian Convictions," by Gregory Koukl. You may purchase your workbook for $12 with your registration or from the retail outlet of your choice.

Join us for seven weeks, beginning October 9 at 10:45am, as we learn how to share our faith with confidence in an ever changing world.

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