KIDAPALOOZA Jr. (Entering K and 1st grade)

June 2-4 10-11:30 am

KIDAPALOOZA (entering 2-5th grade)

June 7-11 6:30-8:30 nightly


What has more energy than a three-year-old on a pound of skittles and more crazy than a swimming pool full of Hawaiian Punch?!?!… it’s KIDAPALOOZA 2021! 

KIDAPALOOZA is Bay Life’s slime filled, super funny, high-energy TOTALLY FREE VBS. Kidapalooza is for kids who are entering Kindergarten through kids who are entering the 5th grade. This year, we are back on campus AND online! If you have questions, just check out our FAQs below! 

What will Kidapalooza look like this year?

We are back on campus and online this year! You can expect some of the crazy you're use to seeing, plus a whole lot more. We are also introducing KIDAPALOOZA Jr.!

What in the world is Kidapalooza Jr?

Experiencing Kidapalooza with our younger kids is always awesome. However, not so much when its 8:20 PM and they are sleeping on the floor! So... it's Bay Life Kids to the rescue! Kidapalooza Jr. is our newest KPA event geared just for K-5 and 1st Graders at a time when they are most awake and active. They can expect a similar experience to the big Kidapalooza, just a bit more condensed and active.

Who can attend what?

Another fabulous question! If you have a child that is entering K-5 or 1st grade, Kidapalooza Jr. is their space. Kids entering 2nd through 5th grades, the traditional Kidapalooza is the place for them.

What if my neighbor/ friend wants to attend?

The short answer is to have them register. If you would like your friend/neighbor to be on your team, make sure that you and your neighbor/friend note that in the given spot on the application. This is the easiest and best way to make sure they can experience Kidapalooza together.

Will there be slime?

Yes!! It's tradition! You will not want to miss a brand new, awesome sliming experience. Relaxing will never feel the same again!

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