John: In Him Is Life

Canadian theologian Bruce Milne once described John’s gospel as a pool into which a Child could wade, but also deep enough to drown an elephant. For thousands of years pastors, scholars, and ordinary Christians have searched, and yet its depths have no end. One early Christian preacher said that John wrote, "as if he had just arrived from the very heavens.” 

Christian art often depicts John's gospel with the image of an eagle. Artists and thinkers believed that the eagle could stare directly into the sun. John, in so many ways, sets his gaze upon fires brighter than the sun. He fixes his eyes on the person of Christ. But John is not content to keep what he’s seen to himself. Again and again, Jesus and John with him invite readers to, “Come and see” this new thing that God accomplished.

The invitation of this series mirrors John's:

Come and see the person and work of Christ,
that you might discover for yourself the truthfulness of John’s claim, 
In Him Is life.”

The Gospel of John: Sermons

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Podcast with the Artist

The Stone Table Podcast featuring Travis and Frances with the artist for John: In Him is Life, Susanna Macaulay.

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