Psalm 63: Passionate Pursuit

by Brenton Shephard on October 22, 2020

Let me start by asking you a question. What are you pursuing in life? This isn’t rhetorical, take a moment to think about this answer.

Throughout our lives, we all spend time in pursuit of something or someone. As a young child you may have pursued and longed for the coolest new toy or game that was popular. Moving into your teenage years, you may have pursued friendships, popularity, and acceptance from your peers. The young adult years rolled around and your pursuit probably became focused on a greater education, finding your career, and possibly, working towards your Mr. or Mrs. degree. One thing about your pursuit never changed regardless of your accomplishments or life stage, it was always about filling a void.

Based on what I’ve seen in Scripture and the countless conversations I have had with people who are struggling in life, I believe that God has wired us all to long for relationship. Far too often, as broken people we try filling this relationship void with all the wrong types of relationships. We pursue the people and things in life that will always leave us empty and unfulfilled instead of pursuing the God who will always satisfy the desires of our heart and soul. For many of us, we may have even grown up in church or have been around church enough that we know the importance of being in relationship with God, but we still don’t grasp how important that relationship truly is in our lives.

King David, of all people is described as a “man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22). We know that David had great faith, but also know that he was far from perfect, so why would he be called a man after God’s own heart? Fortunately for us, we are blessed with so many of the Psalms that David wrote and a quick dive into Psalm 63, gives us a beautiful picture of his passionate pursuit of God that I believe we can all apply to our lives.

Diving In

A quick background for Psalm 63. It was probably written during a time where David was fleeing the rebellion of his son Absolom in the Desert of Judah. Although David probably had other men with him, he was missing the comforts of his normal surroundings. If anything, I think 2020, has allowed all of us to understand to some extent, what it’s like to miss the things around us that make us most comfortable. Still, amid his discomfort, these are the things that jump out. Before reading any further, take a moment and read through Psalm 63 completely.

V. 1-4

As you read through those verses, what jumped out at you? I see a man who has an intense or serious longing in their heart to be in relationship with God. David declares that God is his God and he earnestly seeks after him. His soul thirsts and his flesh faints for Him. He longs to spend time with God and he knows that this is the only thing that can truly fulfill him. Not only that, he recognizes God’s power and glory. Even amid the uncertainty he’s currently experiencing he remembers that God’s love is better than life. David’s response, to worship the One, True, God.

V. 5-10

We get another picture of David’s response of praise to God. Recognizing that a passionate relationship with God is as fulfilling as the best food he can imagine. He thinks about God when he lays down and throughout the night, when he finds himself unable to sleep. Again, he remembers God’s faithfulness and help in troubled times and that God protected him and lifted him up. Even now, as he is being chased by men looking to overthrow him, he leans in even closer to the Lord.

Tying it Together

Do you feel like you’re walking through a season of life that feels like an empty desert? David’s response wasn’t to withdraw and pull away from God in the midst of trials. His response was to draw nearer to the God who was always there, right by his side. It was to remember His love and faithfulness and lift up praise. I don’t know where you are or what you’re experiencing, but I know that the God who created the heaven’s and the earth is longing to be in relationship with you.

Maybe for you that means spending time in prayer. Maybe it means cranking up a worship song and singing praises to Him. Maybe it means sharing with a friend God’s faithfulness in your life. Maybe it means it’s time you truly put your trust and faith in Him, or maybe it means, that you’ve gone your own away for long enough, and it’s time to run back to Him. His arms are open wide and waiting, are you ready to run into them?

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